FIT – Freie Internationale Tankstelle

Gas Statin gone wild

The Free International Filling Station, FIT for short, was founded in 2003 and has been a symbol of visionary art relevant to society ever since. The aim of this art is to convey the ideas of social and individual concerns and concerns with aesthetics. One of Fit’s main concerns is to rename the original function of filling stations as a source of fossil fuels and to put the vision of transformation into practice.

Art, Creativity & Passion


So the owners want to try to transform the station of exhausted natural resources by the imagination that gathers in the spirit of cooperation. This is intended to produce a new, infinite fuel for humanity, to try to tap into an inexhaustible resource, to operationalize, so to speak, the life force of human creativity. It is FIT’s mission to explore the full spectrum of human and social creativity, including those not widely appreciated by society.


Enlightenment through Reflection


FIT is interested in expanded concepts of art, such as the creation of social sculptures, which make art an active role in society again. To explore and stimulate the artistic-philosophical contents of cultural and social activities. The artists presented by FIT reflect these ideas with their own means, whether through painting, installations, performance or actions, with a clear impulse for enlightenment.


With the occupation and liberation of disused filling stations worldwide, FIT enters a global context. These filling stations of the future will receive their actual approval as social sculptures, which will be reintegrated into society. Newly filled with the creative energy of those who have arranged the stations on different levels. This is demonstrated by FIT stations in Miami/USA, Kaufdorf/Switzerland and Ludwigshafen/Germany.


The artist Dida Zende assumes in his work that art must be more than an elitist and egocentric system. Art must go far beyond its own system if it is to have a lasting influence on society. To achieve this, the independence of the artist is always the premise of all artistic work. Another special treat is the on-site fire engine and a sauna, try it out!