Berlin’s social and cultural diversity is not only evident in the German capital’s cityscape and the coexistence of numerous ethnic and national communities. In culinary regards, too, the urban metropolis is truly unique in the whole of Germany. Here on the JUMP Berlin site, we provide you with tipps and recommendations to make eating and drinking in Berlin a special treat for you.

We have visited and curated the best breakfast locations for you, where you can convince yourself of Berlin’s famous coffee culture to help you start your day better and stronger. Numerous bistros and diners offer a wide variety of lunch opportunities. Not only Turkish, Sudanese, Lebanese, Vietnamese and Thai specialties are on the menu in the trendy districts. From Georgian to Italian you can enjoy exotic and conventional dishes throughout the city’s culinary spectrum. Khachapuri, kebab, burger, falafel, kimchi, pizza – but also the iconic currywurst – Berlin style without skin, of course – are just waiting for you to taste and relish in. Anyone interested in upscale dining à la nouvelle cuisine will certainly have fun in the evening in the gastronomic hotspots in Berlin Mitte. Lest you lose track of Berlin’s culinary abundance, we have divided the city’s gastronomic portfolio into cafes, snacks and restaurants. Jump in and enjoy!

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