Marheineke Market Hall

The Marheineke market hall in Kreuzberg has become a real institution for local residents. Here you can shop, feast and enjoy.

The Marheineke Market Hall is located in Berlin – Kreuzberg in the middle of Bergmannkiez on the Bergmannstraße. In this lively market hall, you will find everything that spoils and desires the gourmet and gift heart. The best way to reach Marheineke Markthalle is via the Gneisenaustraße underground station.

History of the Marheineke Market Hall

The market hall was planned in 1883 next to fourteen other stores and built in a total of nine years, 1892 it was completed. During and after the First World War, it served as a folk cuisine, daily received here 15000 needy Berlin food rations. During World War II, the market hall was almost completely destroyed until it was extensively renovated in 1998 and rebuilt. 2007 was the final modernization, today you can stroll here on over 2500m2 and two floors.

Concept of the market hall

 The building was originally called simply Market Hall XI (Roman numeral system, stands for the number 11). Since the first opening, it has been offering high quality food and exclusive products such as meat, cheese, milk, bread, fruit, juices, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and flowers. The quality of the goods speaks for itself, all goods come from biological and regional production, also many of the stands are run by Italians, Greeks, Spaniards or people from the Arab world. The range offers something for every taste and is seasonal. In summer, there is a delicious organic ice cream parlor with exotic ice cream creations, a wine shop, international and national snacks, inviting cafés and a terrace where you can experience the lively bustle of the Marheinke-Halle can.

Special features of the hall

 The Marheineke market hall scores not only with organic variety, in the hall you will also find services such as a locksmith, shoemaker, bookstore and many other offers.

JUMPBerlin says:

 The light-flooded and hospitable atmosphere in the Marheineke market hall is unique in its form. Here not only a shopping paradise, but also a communicative experience space was created, to which booth operators and visitors make the same contribution. Although it does not have the same offer as Markthalle Neun, it is less touristic and cheaper.