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Eastern Comfort

The Eastern Comfort is a special hostel, it is located in a ship at the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin - Friedrichshain.

The Eastern Comfort is a hostel ship directly at the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin – Friedrichshain. Here at the East Side Gallery on Warschauer Straße, you have the opportunity to rent a cabin to sleep in and let yourself be lulled to sleep by the Spree.


The hostel ship Eastern Comfort anchors directly at the famous Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin – Friedrichshain and consists of a total of 25 cabins and cabins, which are spread over 3 decks.

The cabins are composed of 2 and 4 bed rooms, each room is equipped with its own porthole and bathroom. The premises are kept simple and clean, as everything is a little tighter on a real ship. All pirates and surfers among you can prove their seaworthiness here, because despite the anchorage, the boat swings occasionally.

The Eastern Comfort is particularly popular with backpackers and long-distance travelers, but there are also upscale suites, generally this hotel ship offers the appropriate comfort for every price range.

The on-board floating lounge and the top deck are special highlights, here you have a view over the Spree over Berlin and you can enjoy first-class drinks.


JUMPBerlin says:


The hostel ship Eastern Comfort offers you a swinging overnight stay. Everyone is welcome here and you are perfectly connected, the Berghain and the public transport on Warschauer Strasse are just a few minutes walk away. No one will be seasick here, guaranteed.

Mühlenstraße 73
Berlin 10243 Berlin DE
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