Tadshikische Teestube

The Tadshikische Teeshikische Teestube in Berlin - Mitte is a unique piece of art throughout Germany. Here, international teas with Russian-influenced specialities are served. On Monday you can listen to two narrators who will kidnap you in 1001 Nights.

Sitting comfortably on the floor and enjoying a variety of different teas, welcome to the Tadshikische Teestube. This café is located in the Oranienburger Straße in Berlin – Mitte, directly at the Hummus & Friends Restaurant and the Museum Island.

As soon as you enter the tea room, the hand-carved columns made of sandwood catch your eye. You will immediately notice that you have not landed in a typical Berlin establishment. The authentic interior was exhibited at the 1974 Leipzig Fair in the Soviet pavilion. It was then presented to the Society for German-Soviet Friendship as a gift. After entering you should take off your shoes and sit at one of the tables with cushions. The furnishings are reminiscent of a 1001-night story, large oriental carpets are laid out everywhere, and even the crockery is typically oriental. Suitably, every Monday there are always two female narrators who will take you to another world for a few hours for your tea. In total you can choose from more than 40 teas from different regions of the world, which are traditionally heated in the Samowar kettle and partly served. You can also order small Russian and international dishes such as pelmeni, other small main courses and desserts are also available.

JUMPBerlin says:

Come in, take off your shoes, order your favourite tea, enjoy and let the interior and flair have an effect on you. We recommend to taste the so-called tea ceremony and to order a small delicacy, such as a delicious dessert.

Oranienburger Straße 26-27
Berlin 10117 Berlin DE
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Mon - Fri: 16:00 - 23:00 Sat & Sun: 12:00 - 23:00