Zyankali Bar

Absinthe and cocktail bar in Kreuzberg. Furnished in the style of a laboratory, drinks are served in test tubes and glass flasks.

The Institute of Entertainment Chemistry, also known as the Zyankali Bar, at Gneisenaustraße is a bar like no other. Here, instead of boring chemistry lessons, the chemistry of alcohol is revealed.

In this innovative bar, you can immediately see that something is different. This is where everything revolves around the topic of chemistry, and that is also being implemented in a tough way. Here you can try a wide variety of homemade Absinthe options or choose one of the many different types of whiskey. Many different cocktails, specialities of the bar and the keeper are available.

This bar is really special, if you want to have an experience off the normal bar. The drinks are served in glass flasks or test tubes. The Institute of Entertainment Chemistry really has a lot to offer, on different days there are events like a Mercury memorial night or similar. Everything in this bar seems to be poisonous or dangerous, the black-yellow device supports this warning.

JUMPBerlin says:

Just come in, sit on one of the hospital beds and order your own death cocktail. Those who want an unusual, entertaining night can enjoy themselves here. But please enjoy with caution!

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