Tierpark Berlin

Berlin's iconic wild animal park in Friedrichsfelde is a great wildlife attraction and an exciting destination for the young and young at heart.

Even though relatively remote from Berlin’s urban center, the Tierpark Berlin is well worth a visit to eastern Friedrichsfelde, where the large animal park is located. Easily accessible by bus and train (underground station Tierpark, U5, 296, M50), the idyllic terrain around the picturesque Schloss Friedrichsfelde is home to a multitude of exotic animals that can be discover and admired all year round.



The designated paths on the extensive parkour of Tierpark Berlin take you to animals from all over the world, with broad spectrum from animals roaming the hot African plains and colder Northern highlands of Europe, Asia and South America. Flamingos, camels, wolves – all these and more can be discovered here in the spacious sections of the Tierpark Berlin. Particularly impressive is the “Vari forest,” where you can get in close contact with Malagasy katta lemurs. Another great event is the feeding of the penguins, where you can marvel at the swimming acrobats’s cute elegance. The daily elephant bathing is also a great thing to see, in the truest sense. On busy days, you have to be quick to get hold of a spot in the atrium “Kiekemal” to attend the spectacular bird flight show, where, among other things, whitehead eagles and vultures fly right over the heads of the spectators. Should you ever be too exhausted to follow the entire path through the park, you can enjoy the sites and events while riding on the electric train. The park also has a lot to offer in the gastronomic regard. In cozy cafes can enjoy small dishes and refreshing drinks on the cheap.



Founded in 1955, the Tierpark Berlin is one of the two major zoological gardens of the German capital. Today, the park is home to around 9018 animals from around 790 species on 160 hectares. Every year about one and a half million visitors flock to Friedrichsfelde to see the animals. An ideal destination not only for families but also for school classes, the zoo offers an extremely varied entertainment program around animals and wildlife. Central theme of the park: the protection of species. In the project “Adventure Species Protection” young visitors can playfully discover and learn about the problem of biodiversity and the endangered natural habitats of many animal species. Tickets for children cost 7, – Euros and for adults 14, – Euros (reduced fare 9, – Euro). You can find more information about the seasonal opening times and events of the park online.


JUMPBerlin says:

The Tierpark Berlin is a fantastic wildlife park hosting a breathtaking amount of animals. Perfect for a visit with the entire family, the park offers an unparalleled recreational and entertainment program. Traveling out of Berlin’s center to Friedrichsfelde is absolutely worth it. Our tip: look for the storks in front of the Schloss Friedrichsfelde. The park’s signature residents are a great photo motif. Have fun!

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