Cat Café ‘Zur Mieze’

Beautiful Cafe with furry friends inside. Everybody who loves cats and felines won't want to leave this location.

One of the most unique experiences in Berlin for animal lovers is definitely the cat Café ‘Zur Mieze’. The Café is situated in the posh area of Charlottenburg, but is quite calm and hidden from the busy streets of the area. You will find the Café just around the corner from U-Bahn Richard-Wagner-Platz. Once you enter the shop, you encounter a very, warm familiar atmosphere with people sipping their coffee, while the only thing that can raise your suspicion that is not a normal Café is just the countless cat toys and houses.

Once you take a seat and observe more closely, only then can you see the fluffy, cuddly felines lying around taking a nap on the chairs, sofas or the custom shelves which are made for them to climb on. This Café has six beautiful cats with different characters. Some are more cuddly while others prefer to be left alone and chew on some snack in the corner quietly. One thing is for sure: they all love to be given attention.

One can easily stroke the cats but is not advisable to lift them off the ground. The atmosphere is warm and friendly as people play with the cats while enjoying a beverage, dessert or delicious soup. The space is very clean and comfortable despite the constant strolls of the fury cuties.

JUMPBerlin says:

For cat fans, this is the ultimate place in close vicinity to many places of interest such as the Tiergarten, the Zoo, the Charlottenburg Castle, the German State Opera and the Berggruen Museum. After a tiring sightseeing tour in the city, get some relaxing time while cuddling one of the sweetest creatures. Music events also happen in the cafe that make it even more interesting!

Wilmersdorfer Straße 158
Berlin 10585 Berlin DE
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Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 19:00 closed in Monday