Zur Bratpfanne

Original Berlin snack bar on the Schlossstraße in Steglitz. In our opinion the best currywurst in Berlin!

A diner as in a tale, everyone who has an appetite for one of the best Currywurst of Berlin goes to Zur Bratpfanne. The total gastronomic experience, which one gets here is unique: best „Berliner Schnauze“ and Currywurst in the middle of Steglitz, simply Berlin.

It is controversial, where to eat the best Currywurst in Berlin. The Bratpfanne on Schloßstraße in Steglitz is definitely a top contender for the title. The diner Zur Brantpfanne is almost an institution in Steglitz. Since 1949, curry sausages have been sold here, making it one of the oldest snack bars in the city. The ketchup, as well as the sausages are made according to their own recipe and with the utmost care. In addition to the ordinary Currywurst, there are also home-made meatballs, potato salad and whatever else one’s heart craves for. Tip! The ketchup is also sold in bottles, so it tastes just as good at home as it does with the frying pan.

JUMPBerlin says:

Berlin is still really Berlin here. Nothing for herbivores here. You want onions? You get onions. You want it spicy? You get it spicy. But do not cry when it’s burning.

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