Like no other city in Germany, Berlin is home to a vibrant and ever-changing community of creative people and art lovers, perennial party-goers and up-market connoisseurs. In clubs, bars, concert halls and factory halls, or at the street corner at street music events or art gatherings you can witness the city’s creative and cultural freedom that its inhabitants celebrate. No wonder, the German capital is known for its spectacular nightlife scene.


JUMP Berlin, your comprehensive and thematically curated city-guide, provides you insight into the city’s colorful entertainment culture. On the following sites you can research and be inspired by reports on rustic pubs and fine cocktail bars, cozy beer gardens and spectacular rooftop venues, old music sheds and extravagant clubs, concert halls for classical and modern music, as well as large arenas and other indoor and open-air venues. Subsumed under the categories “Bar” and “Club” you will find all locations for your ultimate entertainment experience. We hope you enjoy discovering and experiencing the nightlife of Berlin. Jump in and enjoy!

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