This upscale but cozy restaurant serves authentic Alpine food from Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Austria. With regionally produced and seasonally served ingredients, the delicious dishes offer hearty to sweet-spicy flavors for every fan of the South German cuisine.

You would like to taste Swabian, maybe Bavarian or Austrian food, but cannot really decide between the three culinary styles? Then check out the restaurant Alpenstück, Berlin’s trendy location for southern German food. Here, very close to the Berlin Wall Memorial, you get a large and extremely tasty selection.



The name says it all. Alpenstück brings a real piece of alpine cuisine to the table in downtown Berlin. The restaurant’s evening menu reads like a culinary cross-section of the gastronomic regions of Bavaria, Austria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Swabian touch of the menu is unmistakable. Swabian pockets, cheese spätzle, veal backs – beginning with the starters every dish has the right flavor for fans of Southern German cuisine. Bavarian cheese is just as prominently represented as Austrian sauces. 

Of course, on the Alpenstück menu you find the classic Wiener Schnitzel, served – however – from the Linumer Wiesen-calf brought up in free range. In the Alpenstück, strict attention is paid to high quality and sustainable animal breeding. The ingredients are fresh and delicious. All products are regionally grown and seasonally matched to the menu. This is particularly noticeable in the South German cuisine combinations of savory and sweet ingredients such as spicy vegetables, hearty nuts and sweet fruit. But also the few fish dishes served on the menu are well worth ordering. For dessert, you should try typical specialties such as apple strudel and hearty cheese variations from the Allgäu Alpine dairy. We especially recommend you taste the pumpkin seed parfait with pumpkin pie and quince ragout – it’s downright delicious. All dishes range between 10, – and 30, – Euros. Reservations can be made by phone or via email ([email protected]).



At restaurant Alpenstück, authentic South German cuisine meets upscale coziness. The jewel of the restaurant is the dining room’s artfully decorated backside wall garnished with logs. The seating rows alongside the long and elegantly decorated tables offer a noble comfort. Not quite so upscale but just as comfortable is the in-house bakery of the Alpenstück. Here, in the Schröderstraße 1, 10115 Berlin, you find everything that southern Germany has to offer baked goods, from sour dough, crust- and grain-bread to hearty pretzels. The delicious bread rolls, breads and cakes come at reasonable prices. The lunchtime menu, which the bakery offers between 12:00 and 15:00, features a wide array of South German specialties. Cheese spaetzle, dumpling variations, Königsberger Klopse – every fan of alpine cuisine will get their money’s worth.


JUMP Berlin says:

At restaurant Alpenstück, Berlin’s flourishing South German scene shows itself at one’s best and most delicious, so to say. Here, you can enjoy seasonally served Alpine dishes, hearty wines and homemade South German pastries in an exclusive but cozy atmosphere. Jump in and enjoy!

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