Gay Museum

The gay museum in Berlin's Tiergarten brings you closer to the history of the LGBT community.

The Gay Museum in Berlin – Tiergarten shows you in an impressive way the history of homosexual and LGBTQI culture. Here you will find regularly changing exhibitions about the history and life of homosexual people.


The Gay Museum is a place where unknown and popular artists have the chance to present their works on LGBTQI themes. LGBTQI stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Intersexual and thus covers the entire spectrum of rainbows on the topic of queer and homosexuality. On the one hand, you will experience a classic museum here that somehow is quite different.

Several exhibitions and vernissages explain in a detailed and unique way the history of the long and persistent struggle for equality, acceptance and respect. Here a story about oppression, but also about self-liberation and progress of homosexual men and women is told. The exhibits are partly bizarre, partly cheerful and partly contemplative, a colourful mix of everything. Some of the artworks deal with the notorious Paragraph 175, the murders in the concentration camp in the Third Reich, but also abstract and homophile art about love and eroticism can be found here. Take your time to read the fine print, it’s worth it!


JUMPBerlin says:


It is not only the gender-neutral toilets that can cause excitement here. Here you will find a lot of history and information that invites you to discover, contemplate and read. To loosen up, there are a few historical erotic photos in between, which will definitely make you laugh and think. Other nearby attractions include the Victory Column.

Lützowstraße 73
Berlin 10785 Berlin DE
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