Five Elephant.

Fair-trade coffee in the Alte Schönhauser Straße. In addition to the delicious hot drinks, there is also the best cheesecake in town!

The so-called Third Wave Coffee has officially arrived in Berlin for quite some time. At Five Elephant. you will find quality, good heritage, fair trade and the perfect roasted and percolated coffee. Five Elephant has one of the best images in the Berlin coffee scene and fullfills many high standard quality criteria. They have two stores in Berlin, one in Kreuzberg and one in Mitte, in both of which you will find the best cheesecake in town. Both cafés are stylish and welcome you with a friendly and professional staff. One of their highlights is the coffee machine, it was specially manufactured for this coffee roasters. Everyone who is interested in seeing how the baristas make their coffee should hurry and visit The Five Elephant. Café.

The Five Elephant. in the Alte Schönhauser Straße is committed to sustainability and responsible coffee consumption.

In a bright, almost sterile but nevertheless chic ambience, the baristas prepare high-quality coffee for you and are always open for a chat. Enquiries about origin, growing conditions and quality of the products are always welcome as transparency is an important part of their business philosophy.

Fair-trade beans are roasted on site in their own micro-roasting facilities to guarantee customers fresh and unique flavours. All roasts can also be purchased in packaged form and prepared at home.

The café, which operates a second branch in Kreuzberg, boasts delicious cakes in addition to its coffees.

JUMPBerlin says:

Coffee enjoyment with a clear conscience. In Five Elephant., all steps from harvesting to brewing can be traced. That’s how you learn a lot from your cup of coffee. Enchanting aromas await you. We also agree with the owners: They have the best cheesecake in town.

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Alte Schönhauser Straße 14
Berlin 10119 Berlin DE
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