Photography: Boaz Arad and Florian Kottlewski

House of Small Wonder

In this cozy and fancy bistro refreshingly interpreted brunch-classics with exotic, Japanese-inspired flavor combinations will leave your taste buds inspired.

The House of Small Wonder is a unique combination of a traditional café, an American diner and a Japanese bistro. In this cozy and fancy restaurant located in Johannisstraße, very close to the Friedrichsstadtpalast and  Oranienburger Straße, you can enjoy excellent breakfast and lunch with a very special culinary touch.


It’s the little things that make the House of Small Wonder such an exciting place to dine. The café’s founders Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margullies have imported their gastronomic concept of all-day brunch from their first store in Brooklyn, New York City, to Berlin to offer a mouth-watering variety of vegetarian and meat-based breakfast and lunch dishes featuring high-quality, locally grown ingredients and Japanese spices. Eggs Benedict, yoghurt waffles with ham, poached eggs with wasabi hollandaise, and a Takinawan Taco rice dish, a Texas-Mexican-inspired lunch variation, these are just a few of the culinary specialties on the menu of the House of Small Wonder. Other refreshingly interpreted brunch-classics that make the small café well-worth visiting include the Soboro Don, a chicken mince dish with sweet and sour scrambled eggs Japanese style with rice, spinach and pickled ginger, as well as the Kakuni sandwich, which combines apple-stuffed and braised pork belly on a wheat roll with salad, spinach, soy sauce and mustard mayonnaise. Complemented with a soup sandwiches such as the Kakuni cost 9, – Euros. The single-sandwich dish costs only 4, – Euros. Freshly baked breads, croissants and other sweet baked goods can be enjoyed at the House of Small Wonder, as well as a broad variety of salads and a wide selection of coffees and teas. At later times of the day, the House of Small Wonder also offers delicious cocktails and beers. Remember to bring cash as the House of Small Wonder does not accept debit or credit cards. More information about the menu and special events for which the House of Small Wonder can be rented can be found on the homepage of the café. And since you’re already there, check out Zenkichi, the small café’s older brother, so to say. This fancy brasserie located directly adjacent to the café serves exclusive Japanese food Tokyo-style. 


JUMP Berlin says:

The House of Small Wonder is a great place to dine for late risers and other fans of a full-day breakfast. Our recommendation: you should definitely taste the Biscuit Benedict. Yum! Jump in and enjoy!

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