This rustic Georgian dining place serves authentic food from the Eurasian province.

Ever tasted Georgian Food? No? Then it’s high time you did. But where, you ask? At the first authentic Georgian restaurant in Berlin: Schwiliko. Located in northern Kreuzberg, the restaurant Schwiliko can be found in Schlesische Straße, in between the Spree and the Görlitzer Park. In walking distance to the Lido and the Club der Visionäre, you might pass one of your most memorable culinary experiences before going clubbing afterwards.


“Schwiliko,” the Georgian word for “child,” is a reference to the adjacent HOMES Bar, which one of the owners of the newly established restaurant once founded. Maybe, the term also refers to the child-like ecstasy that takes hold of every guest who beholds the wide range of authentic drinks and dishes listed in the menu. Not only does it feature the classic Georgian Khachapuri, better known as “Georgia’s pizza.” The Schwiliko serves a wide range of food from this widely underestimated if not neglected culinary nation of Georgia, from zesty sauces made of walnut, Georgia’s prime national ingredient, tasty meat and poultry stews and heady Georgian wines. On the side, you can choose from a rich variety of potato- and bread-based dishes. Aside from these à la carte options, which in the main section range from 9,- to 18,- Euros, you can opt for a “Supra” dish shared with your friends and family for just 32,- Euros per person.

JUMPBerlin says:

The restaurant Schwiliko is a unique and exquisite dining place where you can embark upon a trip through the culinary landscape of Georgia. If travel lust had a taste, this would be it, and it would be absolutely delicious. Oh, and don’t forget to try the „Muraba“ dessert. K’argi Mada – enjoy your meal!

Schlesische Straße 29
Berlin 10997 Berlin DE
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Mon-Sun: open from 5 pm