As an international tourist magnet Berlin has much to offer, not only historically and culturally. Be it in the central shopping areas on the famous Ku’Damm or in a small cuddly boutique in a cobblestone side street in Prenzlauer Berg, the German capital is home to the country’s best shopping spots. We at JUMP Berlin, your individual city guide for the German capital, make shopping in Berlin an adventure for you.


Especially when it comes to clothing and fashion Berlin is a popular place for artists, connoisseurs and consumers of all kinds and preferences. But even in niche areas such as jewelry and furniture design and craftsmanship, there is much to discover. The city’s social and cultural scenes are as diverse as its variety of department stores, shopping streets, small shops or flea markets. In other words, there is not much that can not be bought in Berlin. JUMP Berlin, your individual city guide for the German capital, provides you with many tips and reports about shopping in Berlin. We have checked out and curated the smallest cult shops and largest shopping palaces to give you a broad picture of where and what to shop in the urban metropolis. We wish you a lot of fun exploring Berlin’s shopping spots (and spending your money as if there were no tomorrow). Jump in and enjoy!


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