+39 Piutrentanove

Classic, delicious, Italian restaurant in Berlin - Kreuzberg directly at Viktoriapark. Here are original Italian pizzas.

The +39 Piutrentanove is located directly at the Viktoriapark in Berlin – Kreuzberg.  Here you will find a stylish corner restaurant with a terrace, a view of the park and classic Italian cuisine with huge stone oven pizzas.

Italian cuisine is recognized and appreciated worldwide for its delicious dishes, and it is no longer necessary to travel the rest of Italy for Mediterranean delicacies.  In the middle of Kreuzberg, you have the opportunity to experience Italian cuisine in all its facets and with all your senses. The dishes on the menu have been carefully selected by the operators and are perfectly balanced in terms of taste.  We can recommend you everything we have tried, be it the antipasti, the incredibly delicious pasta dishes, the huge XXL pizzas, all the dishes have convinced us.  Especially the meat and fish dishes taste like in Italy. In addition to the regular menu, there is also a seasonally changing menu featuring the freshest ingredients of the current season.  All meals are freshly prepared, there is always a little something special to discover, especially the desserts are refined together. The name of the +39 Piutrentanove is derived from the international dialing code for Italy and does not represent a number puzzle or the like, as some may suspect.

JUMPBerlin says:

The +39 Piutrentanove is one of our favorites when it comes to authentic, Italian food in the colorful Kreuzberg atmosphere.